Training of the next generation

At the Nouvelle River ZEC, we believe in the importance of training the next generation of salmon anglers. We especially believe that it takes more than one day of fishing to become a seasoned angler. We believe that fly fishing, and particularly salmon fishing, require multiple skills that we need to learn and practice before becoming autonomous and continuing to learn on our own. In fact, Salmo salar makes sure to remind us frequently that it takes a lifetime to fully understand it!

With this in mind, we have created a unique theoretical and practical training that will give beginners who want to compete with the king of fish all the tools they need to do so. Whether it be the type of rod and line, the length and size of the leader, the different types of casting, the types of fly and how to tie them, the biology of salmon, how to read and fish a river, and much more, we teach it all. All these topics will be addressed in a mix of theory and practice. Finally, to top it off, our training program includes a day of salmon and trout fishing, in order to put the theory in practice.

We have hope that this approach will help recruit new anglers who are concerned about preserving our resources and are able to experience success more quickly.


Classes take place during 3 days :

  • Class 1. Introduction to fly fishing (July 6, 2018)
  • Class 2. The river and its fish (July 7, 2018)
  • Class 3. Full day of fishing with guide (July 2018)

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