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The Nouvelle river
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Located in the Gaspé peninsula, surrounded by magnificent mountains, the Nouvelle River offers a grandiose setting. The fisherman finds himself in a breathtaking country. The river has a world-wide reputation for sea trout fishing. The angler also has the opportunity to catch the king of our waters, the Atlantic salmon. You will discover crystal clear water that takes its source from the Shick Shock mountains and ends its course in the Chaleurs Bay, near the municipality of Nouvelle. A trip on the Nouvelle guarantees great fishing emotion from catching giant sea trout or combative Salmo salar !

We currently offer six magnificent fishing sectors on more than 80 kilometres of river. Only one of these sectors is limited to six fishermen, the rest of the river being open without restrictions. There is room to fish quietly and serenely, without pressure, and also to observe the surrounding nature of the Gaspé peninsula.

Unlike many rivers, the Nouvelle River's fishing quality increases throughout the season. This benefit is partly thanks to the fact that its water remains cold and well oxygenated all summer long. Unless a flood occurs, the water of the Nouvelle river is exceptionally pure.

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