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Recommended flies

His section describes the most widely used flies on the river for salmon fishing as well as for sea trout fishing. Most of the required flies are on sale at the ZEC. If you call us in advance, an assortment of your requested flies could be prepared for you according to your budget and ready to use upon your arrival !

For salmon

All popular Gaspé salmon flies are also good on the Nouvelle River. Beginning one's rotation with a small fly is rarely a mistake.

« On a sunny September day, I started prospecting the Point pool in Sector C of the Nouvelle with a Magog Smelt that was unusually large for that period of the year (Carrie Stevens Number 4). At the end of the day, I had caught and released four beautiful salmon, and was the most satisfied fisherman in the world...»

Luc Leblanc


Photo « One day, at the Mercier Pool in Sector B, I started fishing with a small Black Bear Green Butt. On that August morning of the past century's last year, I took two grilses in two passes. My fishing day was over at 8 AM with these two magnificent captures. »

Pierre Provencher

« A friend of mine, Suzanne Pardiac of Carleton, really likes dry fly fishing. On a cloudy day of September 1999, Suzanne started rotating with her famous Olive Bomber. We laughed at her choice and told her that it would be more productive to use a wet fly in such conditions. Suzanne made her point by caching, after only few casts, a magnificent 15 pound salmon, which she release in great pleasure... »

Luc Leblanc



« As I approached the Railway Bridge Pool downstream, in Sector A, at the end of a June day, I saw several salmon at the end of this unpopular pool. After casting a few times with my Black Dose, a salmon broke the water and took the fly. This fly is a must "late"around dusk! »

Mario Dubé



For sea trout

The Nouvelle River also shelters many large brook trout, also called sea trout. Catching a 5 to 6 pound sea trout is an experience that is hard to forget. These trout travel to the sea several times, searching for food. This causes them to grow significantly and gives them exceptional vitality. When a sea trout bites your fly, you had better hold on tightly to your fishing rod!

Sea trout is fearful and always hides. Possible hideouts ought to be carefully explored, even if a few flies may get lost in branches. Sea trout fishing is a lot like hunting, because it needs to be found. Sometimes, the riverbank is dug and trout hide there, along branches or submerged trees.Always be on the lookout for such most productive spots on the river.

Here is some experts' advice in terms of effective sea trout fly choices :

Jean-Guy Boudreau, a well known salmon fisherman, has his favourite fly for sea trout : the Rabbit Viva. This fly is not only good for large sea trout, but also seems to attract grilses like a magnet. During the winter, Jean-Guy always produces his own new varieties of Rabbit Diva, which he tries out during the following summer, on the various Gaspé Peninsula rivers. The Rabbit Viva can also make a difference when salmon is difficult to catch : this fly is always good for sea trout.

Roger Goulet prefers the Balloue. This fly, which seems to exert a special attraction on the Nouvelle River sea trout, has provided us with several deep emotions on such fishing experiences. In addition, it remains a surprise gift when Salar is bored. This is another multi-use, single or double hook fly, which ought to be part of anyone's fly assortment.

For François Landry, sea trout fishing is serious business. And even a passion... With his numerous years of fishing experience and miraculous catches, he claims that his favourite selection is the Mouse. Although sometimes difficult to cast, several agree that once dusk has come down on the river, the Mouse is the best to capture record sea trout. The technique consists in casting the Mouse as near as possible to the opposite river bank and then vigourously pulling it back jerkily. It is quite a beautiful sight when a large sea trout takes the Mouse, splashing noisily; normally, it is quite a large fish.


« Special » Rabbit Viva (Jean-Guy Boudreau, Carleton)

Thread : Brown, UNI 6/0

Hook : Mustad Streamer 38941 No 2

Tail : Fluorescent lime Antron body wool No 20

Body : Medium black/brown speckled chenille

Rib : Flat silver tinsel

Wing : Dark brown rabbit strip No 16

Throat : Small bunch of dyed red rabbit hair

Head : Brown



« Special » Balloue (Roger Goulet, Carleton)

Thread : Black, UNI 8/0

Hook : Single : Mustad Streamer 3665 A or 38941 No 2 to 6

Double : Mustad 7904 live bait No 6 (Cut the middle pin)

Tail : Golden pheasant crest, bent down

Body : Flat silver tinsel

Rib : Oval silver tinsel

Wing : Sparse red bucktail over wich are two white marabout feathers over wich are several ( 8 to 10) strands of peacock herl

Throat : Red hackle pulled down and back

Cheeks : Jungle cock

Head : Black



The Mouse (François Landry, Carleton)

Thread : Black, UNI big fly

Hook : Partaridge CS 42 or Mustad 37187 No 4

Tail : Black leather strip _"large or black ultra chenille twice the length of the hook

Body : Black hair from select back deer strip

Head : Black

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