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The Nouvelle river
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Several factors are to be taken in consideration when it comes to selecting the proper rod, including the diameter, weight, flies used and, of course, budget available.

The Nouvelle River being a small river where wading and canoe fishing can be done, following type of equipment is recommended: an 8 1/2 rod with an 8 or 9 fly line, a reel equipped with a good drag, as well as a 100-yard backing. Such equipment is versatile, allowing both salmon and sea trout fishing.

For those wishing for more emotions, lighter equipment may be considered, yielding even stronger sensations upon catching a trophy.

At the beginning of the season, when the water is high, you will be likely to fish with fairly large flies from 2/0 to 8. When the water becomes shallower, it is advisable to choose single hook flies tied on # 12 to as small as # 22 for sea trout in August and September.

Non-slip waders are a "must", as they will be most helpful when it comes to discovering hidden fishing spots, as well as reacting easily when struggling with your catch. A multi-pocket fishing vest with zippers, backpack, hat or cap, polarised glasses, nail clipper knife, fishing net, mosquito repellent, flashlight, first-aid kit and sunscreen are all important items to ensure a pleasurable day on the Nouvelle river.


Wearing adequate weather clothing is as important as choosing the appropriate fly. Be sure to bring a rain jacket, as well as several layers of warm, insulating clothes that will not hold perspiration but will remain warm when wet. If the weather gets warmer, all you have to do is take layers off accordingly.


Canoeing is allowed in several sections of the Nouvelle River. Using a canoe will allow you to explore the river in the most rewarding way, not to mention the numerous productive spots that may be discovered!

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